HYPERBARIC MODULAR SYSTEMS Inc. (HMS) – Diving Systems & Simulators

International Safety Standards, Proven Reliability, Flexible Solutions

In the field of diving technology, HMS has the proven ability to consistently meet customer specifications and the regulatory requirements applicable to medical devices for recompression and related services. As an international leader in the design, fabrication, test, and certification regarding diving systems and diving simulators, we invite you to view our repertoire of reliable products and experienced services.


HMS is your experienced specialist for all types and sizes of diving life support systems:

  • Standard Navy Double Lock Recompression Chamber System (SNDLRCS) & Expeditionary Hyperbaric Chamber Systems in accordance with NAVSEA TS500-AU-SPN-01 and UFC 4-159-01N
  • Commercial Diving Deck Decompression Chambers
  • Transportable Recompression Chamber System (TRCS)
  • Complete deep diving systems and wet bells
  • Diving simulators for conditions of up to 600m depth
  • Systems equipped with NATO STANAG flanges
  • Transport capability for diving accidents
  • Mating to suitably equipped multiplace chambers to allow for Transfer Under Pressure (TUP)
    Containerized Diving Recompression System (CDRS)
  • HYPERBARIC MODULAR SYSTEMS, INC. has established and is maintaining a quality management system that meets the requirements of ISO 9001:2015

Please contact us so we can learn about the unique specifications for your diving project and support you as required.