Robust and Innovative Technology, Tunnel Boring Shuttles and Manlocks

HMS provides a variety of essential hyperbaric intervention and support services for tunneling construction projects worldwide. The advancement of tunnel boring machine (TBM) technology enables the earth’s tunnels to be longer and deeper than ever. HMS’s over 45 years of experience designing, manufacturing, maintaining, and clinically operating hyperbaric medicine systems for major medical centers and hospitals throughout the world provides us with extensive experience to provide economical solutions to ensure tunneling projects are on-schedule, on-budget, and most importantly, compressed air workers are safe throughout the excavation process.


HMS specializes in hyperbaric equipment and TBM hyperbaric support services:

  • TBM Manlock Custom Design and Manufacturing
  • Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy Systems
  • Saturation Systems Design and Fabrication
  • Hyperbaric Deep/Shallow Transfer-Under-Pressure Shuttle Systems
  • Hyperbaric Equipment for TBM Cutter Wheel Tool Replacement

Please contact us so we can learn about your unique requirements and support your project as required.