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Customer Service & Technical Support

A company is measured not only by the products they produce, but by the level of customer support they provide long after the initial sale.  HMS has been in the diving and hyperbaric medicine business since 1971, and our first clinical hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBOT) multiplace chamber was manufactured and delivered to University of California, San Diego (UCSD) Medical Center in 1981 (temporary HBOT system) and UCSD’s permanent 12-patient multiplace HBOT system was installed in 1983.  Giving you a glimpse of our superior quality, customer service, and technical support, the permanent system we installed in 1983 is still being used today to treat patients 24/7/365 … 35 years and counting!

HMS takes great pride in the reliability of our products but we are equally committed to providing our valued clients with friendly and expert support. Our commitment to you is to provide prompt customer service and expert technical support to ensure your chamber system operates at the same high level as the first day it was installed.

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Hyperbaric Operators and

Maintenance Personnel Training

HYPERBARIC MODULAR SYSTEMS, INC. (HMS) is a leading designer and manufacturer for a variety of clinical, diving, and construction hyperbaric systems worldwide. Training of personnel is an essential component to ensure each system operates efficiently, safely, and is maintained properly for reliable operation for decades to come. Most HMS systems operating in hospitals today have been operating continuously for 20 years or more. We attribute this to superior equipment combined with well-informed and trained personnel. From operator training to bio-medical maintenance personnel training, HMS caters our hyperbaric educational and training programs depending on the unique requirements for each system we deliver. Please Contact us so we may learn about your specific goals and objectives.